Extract of Asparagopsis

The red algae Asparagopsis armata has a bactericidal and fungicidal substance called Ysaline, which provides antiseptic properties. It is also rich in fibre and sodium for an anti-ageing action.


According to the literature survey: Asparagopsis armata (%)
Fiber 50.2 | Sodium 9.2

It is also rich in amino acids, with the majority of
threonine and arginine.


The algae is harvested by the company BioMolenez. This invasive alga grows in the upper subcoastal zone, from the surface to a depth of about ten metres. It is harvested by hand at low tide.

Once harvested, the seaweed is macerated and filtered to obtain an extract containing a maximum of bioactive compounds. The red alga appears in clumps with a pyramidal outline. It has thorny, harpoon-shaped branches, hence the name “Neptune’s Harpoon”.

Mainly found in tropical and temperate coastal waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is often found in areas exposed to waves and strong currents.

Temperature tolerance: 15 to 30 for growth

Cosmetic properties


The Ysaline component reinforces the natural defence systems against surface bacteria in order to purify the skin and combat skin blemishes.


The seaweed fibres will strengthen the skin fibres and inhibit the action of elastase for firmer skin.


Amino acids help protect the skin from UV rays to prevent cell ageing.

Proposed extract

Organic extract

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For which products?

Skincare for combination to oily skin.

Anti-blemish care

Formulation characteristics

  • 1-5% usage
  • Optimal pH between 4.5 and 5.5
  • Yellow-brown liquid
  • Tested under dermatological control